About Massachusetts Newswire

NOTE: we are re-designing the website during April/May, 2009, so “pardon the mess while we remodel” ! 🙂

Massachusetts Newswire™ is an online magazine and news service, part of the Neotrope® News Network with staff and offices all over the U.S. The main office is located in Redondo Beach / Torrance, Calif., USA, and was founded Jan. 1983 (member BBB).

Massachusetts Newswire covers business, entertainment and technology news, regional events, Massachusetts city and state government announcements, and non-profit news. Additionally, selected national news is included from the Neotrope News Network.

Editorial Staff

We have a professional staff comprised of accredited journalists and published authors. To learn more about our editorial team, please visit: http://Massachusettsnewswire.com/editorial-staff


Massachusetts Newswire is not currently hiring any additional full-time or part-time staff, but we do have editorial internship positions open, which would allow journalism students to gain valuable credible experience working for a 25+ year old publishing company. If you are located in Massachusetts and would like to write about local stories, attend entertainment events, and the like, we would love to hear from you.

Feedback to Stories

If you wish to comment on a story you may do so using the “feedback” form found at bottom of each Massachusetts news story on this site (less than one year old).

Massachusetts Newswire™ (MassachusettsNewswire™) is a trademark and service mark of Neotrope. All rights reserved. Neotrope is a registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries.