SANTA FE, N.M. (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Does the brain you were born with have to be the brain you end up with? If you can improve the function of every major organ in the body, why can’t you upgrade the function of your brain? Those fundamental questions were the motivation that led Kelly Howell to create Brain Sync.

With over 2 million audio programs in print, Kelly Howell’s clinically proven Brainwave Therapy is used in prestigious hospitals, clinics and by physicians and psychologists throughout the world. This breakthrough technology can literally help reboot and reprogram the brain to achieve a higher level of focus, creativity and intelligence.

Howell’s breakthrough Brain Synchronizing Technology, based on extensive biofeedback research, uses harmonically layered frequencies embedded in beautiful music to produce a deeply pleasurable, transformational body-mind experience. Brainwave Therapy balances right and left sides of the brain to literally optimize its efficiency and function.

According to Howell, “It’s now possible to enhance your brain’s ability to think better and faster.” Science has long known that mental beliefs can impact physical reality. Howell went on to explain, “How our brain perceives the world and the situations around us effects how we respond; positively or negatively, with action or inaction.”

Howell believes the current economic situation “requires us to sharpen our skills, awareness and our abilities to a far greater degree so we can succeed in these challenging times.”

Today’s information overload can cause your brain function to freeze up just like a computer that is running too many programs. According to Howell, “The brain is the often the key to a person’s reality. Just like exercise increases muscle mass and strength, Brain Sync promises to do the same with the brain.”

Evolution will ultimately lead to a more conscious brain/mind. But, Howell believes, “You can take that evolutionary step today with these clinically proven CD’s and MP3’s.” She adds, “Your brain is the front door to change. When you improve its function you improve your entire life.”

To experience the power of Brain Sync, Howell offers a free 15 minute brain refresher and guided meditation. For more information on Howell’s Brainwave Therapy, visit or contact .

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