Virtual Heaven (Back to Reality)

LOS ANGELES, Calif. /Massachusetts Newswire – National News/ — We’ve all seen movies like “The Terminator” where artificial intelligent machines rise to take over the world with catastrophic consequences. But what is the reality of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the creative arts? Entrepreneur and writer Graham Jules has already utilised the technology in creating his illustrated screenplay, “Virtual Heaven (Back to Reality),” PUW Media Ltd (Pop Up World) announced today.

Jules claims his book is the first screenplay to be illustrated by artificial intelligence. He says, “I thought it would be ironic if a real-world AI could create the images for the book. The screenplay is about a grieving mother and husband who decide to bring back their daughter through genetics. Unexpected consequences unfold as a billionaire lab owner exerts control, unleashing an AI that threatens her motherhood and the fabric of society.”

Jules’ screenplay utilises AI-based image processing, Open AI’s Dall-E 2. It can create unique hi-resolution images and photos from just a creative text prompt. For instance, want a realistic photo of a bear skating on ice? Just type in the prompt and a few seconds later the artificial intelligent neural net will give you four choices that it has conjured up out of thin air. Bear in mind this technology is not just regurgitating existing images in a database, it can create content based on artistic styles and the images are unique.

Are we are truly entering an age where sci-fi meets reality? Jules says, “Some say that the technology will impact jobs in the arts but at the moment although impressive it will be a while before an AI can write a quality screenplay or novel. True creatives are safe for now!”

The progress of artificial intelligence marches on at an ever-increasing pace. Entrepreneurs and creatives will need to keep abreast of developments to avoid entering markets that are to be heavily disrupted by the new technology.

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