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Today’s Medical Advancements Treat the Aging Brain, Offering Active, Independent and Redefining Retirement Era

SUMTER COUNTY, Fla. /Massachusetts Newswire – National News/ — Despite U.S. Baby Boomers having the longest life expectancy in history [1], their brains are aging at a faster rate than previous generations, according to a recent Ohio State University nationwide study [2]. For Boomers, the first generation to show cognition regression, research indicates that wealth and education have no equitable bearings on brain function. Currently ranging from ages 62 to 72 (born 1948-1959) and primed for a lengthy and enriching retirement, the feared complexities of living an increasingly longer life – but with a quickly declining brain – is evitable for those able and willing to invest in advanced treatments, such as the Aviv Medical Program.

Living better, longer

Spawning the longevity movement are societal concerns associated with a population in which older people outnumber the young – a historical first, projected for 2025 in the U.S., when seniors (65 million) will surpass children age 13 and under (58 million). Recognizing global impacts of an aging population, the United Nations General Assembly has declared 2021-2030 the Decade of Healthy Ageing, an initiative dedicated to improving the lives of older people, their families and the communities in which they live.

Progress abounds and none too soon. Bioscience researchers are developing promising medical treatment options to give people longer lasting cognitive function enabling optimum health later in life. Just last month (February 2021), a Bloomberg Moonshot episode, the network’s global news streaming program, dedicated an entire episode to medical advancements that are already in practice and scientifically-proven to treat the aging process – ultimately, circumventing age-related diseases – as explained by leading researchers from Harvard Medical School and Aviv Scientific.

Of those discussed, the Aviv Medical Program, a proprietary protocol concentrated in hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), is attracting affluent, active Boomers from all over the world. Results from a landmark study, published in the peer-review journal Aging [3], indicate that upon completing the three-month program participant bodies changed at cellular level – equivalent to 25 years earlier – among healthy adults age 64 or older. This proven treatment is readily available and presents opportunity to improve and restore cognitive function such as memory, attention, speed of information processing and more.

“Until now, biologically preserving and restoring healthy brain function was unavailable. Today, there’s finally an individualized brain health program that actually assesses and changes the physiology of the brain,” said Mohammed Elamir, M.D., board-certified physician at Aviv Clinics. “This will enable people to take control of the trajectory of their health span. Protecting your independence, mobility, vitality and personality can be by choice – not by chance.”

For Boomers embarking on the third age – ready to redefine retirement with energy, mobility, independence and healthy brain performance, the Aviv Medical Program is a substantial investment cost in improving quality of life today and maintaining it for years to come. Outside of Israel, the treatment is only available at the Aviv Clinics medical center located in Central Florida.

Treating the Aging Process, Enhancing Brain Performance

Aviv Clinics is now open and accepting new clients looking to improve and maintain cognitive acuity and physical performance. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call (352) 488-2848 or visit

About Aviv Clinics

Founded in 2017, Aviv Clinics delivers a new approach to healthy aging – The Aviv Medical Program. Designed to improve the aging process by increasing cognitive and physical performance in healthy aging adults, Aviv’s three-month program provides daily hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) sessions in a state-of-the-art facility. The impact of these HBOT sessions is maximized through personalized cognitive and physical training programs with a personal nutrition plan. The Aviv Medical Program was developed based on over a decade of research and development under the leadership of Dr. Shai Efrati, Chair of Aviv Clinics’ Scientific and Medical Advisory Board.

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