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NEW YORK, N.Y., Nov. 12, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — B2C Jewels, carrying an online inventory of over 150,000 diamonds, announced today they are raising the consumer-confidence bar by providing advanced photos for their new “Perfection” Ideal Cut diamonds. Offered at, no other diamond retailer of their size provides such images for online diamonds. Where many sellers post only laboratory reports for diamonds offered, B2C Jewels is now photographing thousands of diamonds in their inventory, to the delight of shoppers.

“Of course it involves time and expense,” says Jay Reshamwala, Director of B2C’s New York Office, “but the indisputable confidence it builds in consumers is worth the effort.” He says the benefits are obvious. “A picture is worth a thousand words. We show an actual zoomed image of the diamond you’re buying, along with scientific photos proving that it will have breathtaking beauty.” Reshamwala confirms that every diamond in B2C’s Perfection brand has a complete web-page with a suite of images. These images are also included for many other inventory items. “With more than 100,000 diamonds offered we don’t have them all posted,” he says, “but we do have thousands up, and images may be requested for any diamond we offer.”

Perfection diamonds include an actual magnified diamond image, an American Gem Society ASET(TM) performance image, a Holloway Ideal-Scope(TM) performance image, and “Hearts & Arrows” optical precision images. Collectively, these images show clarity features, levels of light-return (versus light leaking from the diamond) and how precisely (or imprecisely) the diamond was cut in a three-dimensional sense, which impacts the intensity of internal reflections.

According to Reshamwala, every “Perfection” branded diamond falls within the top 1 percent of commonly agreed cut parameters modeled in-line with the conclusions of Marcel Tolkowsky, the mathematician who created the benchmark for maximizing brightness, fire, and scintillation in a round brilliant diamond. “Perfection diamonds are all about the highest levels of technical cut-quality.”

B2C Jewels cites Perfection’s “Four Ps” as Process, Proof, Pedigree and Promise. These refer to the selectivity, highly-regarded GIA grading report, demonstrable scientific photos and satisfaction guarantees which accompany Perfection. “Of course the fifth P is price,” says Reshamwala. “In addition to providing modern shoppers with more data than any competitor of our size, we believe our price-point remains the most competitive in the business.”

Shoppers can view all performance data from any location on their device of choice at . More details on the Perfection brand can be found at .

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B2C Jewels, established on the unique idea of making online purchase of jewelry easier, has grown to become one of the largest and most respected online jewelry stores. It is backed by a family which has been in the diamond industry as renowned manufacturers and wholesalers for the past 20 years. B2C Jewels takes pride in offering hassle-free online shopping with all the benefits of a traditional retailer. Shoppers can find B2C Jewels online at – or visit their New York City diamond district office by-appointment.

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