FAIRMONT, W.Va. (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Backbone Security, the global leader for digital steganography detection tools, is pleased to announce their partnership with Paraben Corporation. Backbone will utilize Paraben’s virtual image mounting technology commonly known as P2 eXplorer in the steganography detection tools developed in Backbone’s Steganography Analysis & Research Center (SARC).

With P2 eXplorer, digital forensics examiners using either the Steganography Analyzer Artifact Scanner (StegAlyzerAS) or Steganography Analyzer Signature Scanner (StegAlyzerSS) tool can mount forensic images and explore them as though the image was a drive on the examiner’s forensic workstation while preserving the forensic nature of the evidence. In fact, P2 eXplorer is one of the only programs that mount images as both logical and physical disks. This means all the deleted, slack, and unallocated space is accessible. An image isn’t just mounted to view logical files; it is mounted as an actual bit-stream image, preserving unallocated, slack, and deleted data.

For more information about StegAlyzerAS and StegAlyzerSS, please visit or send email to . For more information about Paraben’s forensics tools, please visit or send email to .

About the SARC:

The SARC is a Center of Excellence in steganography research and development within Backbone Security. Established to create and maintain a national repository of steganography applications, fingerprints, and signatures that can be consulted during the forensic examination of seized media, the SARC has created the world’s largest hash set exclusive to steganography applications. The SARC has become the industry leader in developing world-class forensic tools and techniques for detecting and extracting information hidden with steganography applications.

About Backbone Security:

In addition to hosting the SARC, Backbone is a PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) Approved Scanning Vendor that conducts automated PCI DSS compliance assessments with their industry leading One-Stop Scanning Solution. Backbone also provides real-time intrusion monitoring, vulnerability assessment, and business continuity and disaster recovery planning services. For more information about Backbone Security please visit and for more information about PCI scanning, please visit .

About Paraben Corporation:

Paraben specializes in comprehensive digital forensic solutions for handhelds, hard drives, enterprise networks, and consumers. Handheld innovations offer 360 degrees of solution power from seizure to analysis. Hard drive solutions move to the next level by solving problems through a specialized tool approach and a single command suite. Enterprise technologies top off the repertoire with proactive and reactive solutions for networks. These solutions work through a stealth client server system that responds to, or prepares you, for any issue in your network where forensic-grade data is key. Finally, Paraben’s technology allows parents to protect their family from illicit images and unwanted online predators. From technology to services Paraben provides effective results.

Media Contact: Jim Wingate, Vice President and Director, SARC;
Voice: (877) 560-SARC, Fax: (304) 366-9163, or E-Mail: .

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