FAIRMONT, W.Va., May 7, 2012 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Backbone Security, the market leader in advanced digital steganography detection and hidden information extraction tools, is pleased to announce a new addition to their highly acclaimed StegAlyzer family of products.

The Steganography Analyzer Field Scanner (StegAlyzerFS) is a digital forensic examination tool designed specifically for performing rapid field triage on suspect computers to detect the presence or use of digital steganography to conceal information of criminal activity.

StegAlyzerFS will consist of highly specialized steganography detection software on a bootable USB device. The device scans suspect storage media while preserving its forensic integrity.

StegAlyzerFS will have the capability to detect any of the file artifacts associated with over 1,050 steganography applications. Detecting artifacts is an indication the associated application may have been used to hide something that may be of value to the investigation.

StegAlyzerFS will also have the capability of detecting more than 55 known signatures of steganography applications. Detecting a signature is an indication the associated application was used to hide something.

StegAlyzerFS is expected to become a highly valuable tool for uncovering hidden information in a wide variety of use cases.

For example, it can be used
* at border checkpoints for random searches of computers entering or leaving the country or for searching the computers of individuals acting in a suspicious manner;
* in child abduction cases when time is of the essence for finding any information that may shed light on the whereabouts of the missing child;
* in cases involving child pornography to quickly find images that may have been hidden with steganography in order to identify and rescue the child victims as quickly as possible;
* in cases involving terrorism to detect covert communications between individuals or groups.

“We’re very excited about the potential for StegAlyzerFS becoming a valuable tool for digital forensics examiners around the world. The capability to rapidly find information hidden with steganography in the field may prevent the loss of classified or highly sensitive information, circumvent a terrorist attack, or even save the life of a child,” said Bart Guerreri, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Backbone Security.

StegAlyzerFS will be undergoing field trials soon and product rollout is scheduled for Q3 2012.

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About the SARC:
The SARC is a Center of Excellence in digital steganography research and development within Backbone Security. The SARC has established the world’s largest commercially available repository of digital steganography applications, fingerprints, and signatures and has developed industry leading computer forensics and network security steganalysis tools for detecting and extracting information hidden with digital steganography applications. For more information: .

About Backbone Security:
In addition to being the leading provider of digital steganalysis tools, Backbone is a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) that conducts automated PCI-DSS compliance assessments with their industry leading One-Stop PCI Scan service. Backbone also provides real-time intrusion monitoring, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, and business continuity and disaster recovery planning services. For more information: .

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