Personal Safety MANTON, Mich., Oct. 15, 2013 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Be Prepared LLC has announced their initiative to provide free replacement defensive pepper spray to all of their customers who use it to defend themselves during the commission of a crime against them. Having a high quality pepper spray as a first defense or to complement your handgun is a very smart choice for all law abiding citizens. Be Prepared LLC is committed to your safety.

“Commitment to the continued safety of our customers is my priority. I do not want to just provide you with a defensive pepper spray and stop my relationship with you. When you use the pepper spray to defend yourself I want to replace it, FREE. I am dedicated to help keep you and your family safe,” said Michael Johnson, owner of Be Prepared LLC. “Training is the key when it comes to using pepper spray, know how to carry it, practice with it, know your state laws, become comfortable with it and you will be successful deploying it against an attacker.”

“When a customer utilizes one of our defensive pepper sprays during the commission of a crime against them, all they need to do is send us a copy of their police report showing they discharged the unit and we will send them a new one,” said Michael Pouliot, owner of Be Prepared LLC. “Pepper spray is a defensive tool and cannot be used as an offensive weapon; know the laws in your home state.”

Be Prepared LLC is a young company providing self defense products for personal and home safety. The pepper spray initiative will provide people with the security of knowing that once they establish a relationship with the company, they are there to support and help keep them safe.

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