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Effortlessly Fake Your Android Location without a Computer with the iAnyGo Android APP

NEW YORK, N.Y. /Massachusetts Newswire – National News/ — The latest version (2.6.5) of the iAnyGo Android APP by Tenorshare is now available on Google Play, offering users an enhanced experience with minor functional adjustments. This powerful GPS location spoofer is designed to meet various needs, such as using fake GPS for games like Pokémon Go, enhancing privacy on WhatsApp, and more.

Scenarios for Using Fake GPS

Fake GPS can be incredibly useful in numerous scenarios:

* Gaming: Change your location in Pokémon Go to catch region-specific Pokémon.

* Privacy: Use a different location on WhatsApp to protect your real whereabouts.

* Travel Apps: Test location-based apps without physically being there.

* Social Media: Share different locations on social media to protect your privacy or add an element of fun.

About iAnyGo Android APP

iAnyGo Android APP is a versatile tool that allows users to fake their GPS location on Android phones without needing a computer. Its main functions include joystick movement, changing GPS location, and Multi-Spot movement, providing a comprehensive solution for location spoofing.

How to Fake Your Location on Android Without a Computer?


iAnyGo Android App Download Guide

1. Go to Google Play and install the iAnyGo app.

2. Open the iAnyGo app and agree to the “Service Agreement and Privacy Policy.”

3. Set iAnyGo as a mock location app via the given popup on the screen.

4. Open Settings and enable Developer options. Search for “Select Mock Location App.”

5. Choose iAnyGo as the mock location app. Once set, you’re ready to explore the advanced features.

Key Features of iAnyGo

Change GPS Location

1. Open the iAnyGo app and choose a location on the map or enter an address.

2. Select the “Target location” icon.

3. Your GPS location is now successfully modified.

Multi-Spot Movement

1. Click the Multi-Spot Movement button at the right.

2. Select or search for coordinates to customize the movement route and click on “Start Moving.”

3. Use the undo or reset function to adjust the route as needed.

4. Adjust the speed at any time during movement (1km/h to 30km/h).

5. Notification appears once the destination is reached.

Pokémon GO Game Modes

1. Click on the Pokémon Go game mode.

2. Download the custom mod of the game via the app’s redirect.

3. After installation, enjoy spoofing in Pokémon Go.

Joystick Movement

1. Click on the joystick option.

2. Drag the center control point in any direction for virtual movement.

Real-time virtual movement is displayed on the screen, with adjustable joystick control panel size and location. Speed and destination can be changed at any time.

For further information, please download and experience.

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