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LOS ANGELES, Calif., /Massachusetts Newswire – National News/ — Forensics Detectors, a gas detection expert company residing in Los Angeles, California, has introduced its highly sensitive 0.1ppm carbon monoxide “super-meter,” an innovation that has been designed to help users prevent low-level carbon monoxide poisoning and detect very small carbon monoxide leaks.

The Carbon Monoxide super-meter has been specifically designed to measure the smallest amount of carbon monoxide, where other carbon monoxide detectors and meters would simply not have the lower-level detection sensitivity. The carbon monoxide super-meter was designed for Scuba Divers, HVAC Inspectors and Air Quality Inspectors using superior sensing technology made with nanotechnology graphene electrochemical sensor technology to ensure maximum sensitivity down to 0.1ppm.

An important application for low-level carbon monoxide is heater and furnace inspection. Heater exchangers are found in all furnaces in homes and businesses. Most furnaces are gas burning and produce carbon monoxide. The carbon monoxide produced in a furnace is designed so that it is contained within the walls of its heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is the metal wall or tubing that is heated up when the burners are ignited. Carbon monoxide is released in the home when a heat exchanger forms small cracks or pin-holes due to thermal stress and corrosion.

The exhaust of the heater’s combustion can enter the heated air stream and then accumulate in the living areas. Carbon Monoxide can also enter into vehicle cabins due to exhaust leaks, manifold cracks or poor vehicle cabin, trunk or panel seals. Over time, these leaks typically increase that may quickly lead to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide accumulation.

Another major problem is found with scuba diving. Carbon monoxide can enter a diver’s air cylinder if the air compressor intake valve is placed too close to the engine exhaust or if the lubricating oil in a malfunctioning compressor becomes hot enough to partially combust, producing carbon monoxide that then resides in the diver gas bottle. If inhaled during diving, symptoms include nausea, headache, weakness, clumsiness, and confusion. Carbon monoxide affects are amplified as a diver’s depth is increased. For example, a value of 5 ppm would have roughly the same effect as 25 ppm at the surface due to depth increasing the partial pressure of the inhaled carbon monoxide. Therefore, a small amount of carbon monoxide in a diver’s cylinder can be amplified multiple times at depth, and as such, be extremely dangerous.

With these challenges in mind, Forensics Detectors created the carbon monoxide “super-meter” that detects carbon monoxide with 0.1ppm resolution. The super-meter is small, battery-powered and has a loud 85dB alarm that will buzz, vibrate and flash LEDs when the CO level has exceeded the adjustable alarm threshold. For real-life robustness and operation, the super-meter is also waterproof and passes a 20 foot shock drop test.

“Typical home wall mounted carbon monoxide detectors are made to alarm between 60 to 240 minutes when carbon monoxide exceeds 70ppm. This is simply too high for homeowners to be warned when their heat exchange fails. Other CO meters have a lower detection range of about 1, 2 or 3 ppm,” says Dr. Koz, Chief Engineer at Forensics Detectors. “We wanted to give scuba divers, vehicle drivers, home occupants and HVAC technicians a new tool to detect carbon monoxide accumulation as soon and as low as possible, down to 0.1ppm with a real-time digital display that can handle the everyday knocks and rough handling while on the go. This is a game changing product at an affordable price point.”

About Forensics Detectors

Forensics Detectors was established in 2017 by Dr. Koz to offer consumers affordable and innovative gas detectors, meters and analyzers. Dr. Koz is a world-renown expert in toxic gas detection and continues to be inspired to develop innovative products for public health and environmental well-being. The company is located in California on the lovely Palos Verdes Peninsula where the company designs, develops, manufactures and sources products that meet Dr. Koz’s strict technical requirements. The company can be found across social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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