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ATLANTA, Ga., Jan 19, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Despite the challenging business environment of 2020, the team at Chelle Trucking & Logistics hit every benchmark they set for growth. This month, the company announced that they are expanding their marketing team with new Social Media and Engagement specialists to improve their online presence and achieve even higher growth in 2021. This brings the total marketing team to five.

At the end of 2020, Chelle Trucking finished their first year of operations in a strong market position. In just three months, the company reached all their benchmarks for growth, expanding across six South Eastern states and growing its fleet by over 300%.

“I’m amazed at what we’ve been able to accomplish with a marketing team of just two people,” said Content Manager, Vera Sudakova, “but now we want to supercharge our growth and we know the best way to do that is with great new talent. Chelle Trucking is all about innovation, and our new hires bring just the energy and creativity that we are looking for in our marketing and communications.”

In their 2019 Social Media Insights Report, Insights West found that social media use is on the rise across all age groups, and 70% of users expect to have insight and communication from businesses on their favorite platforms. Chelle Trucking found the same inside their company, where the majority of business inquiries come from web and social media.

With their new hires, the team at Chelle Trucking hopes to improve their accessibility to clients and promote their new routes, services and promotions online as much as offline.

Today, the marketing team grows to five, with:
* Nishal Sukdhoe, Head of Marketing
* Vera Sudakova, Content Manager and Sr. Staff Writer
* Madawa Fernando, Social Media Specialist
* Aria Alzeer, Community Engagement Specialist
* Konrad Kubicka-Fitzpatrick, Technology Writer

“We’ve been incredibly fortunate this past year and are very excited about the direction the company is going,” explained Head of Marketing, Nishal Sukdhoe. “Our goal has been to deliver great service and transparent communication to our clients while creating exceptional career opportunities within the logistics industry. This approach proved successful as our clients had opportunities for growth despite the challenges faced in 2020. Now we’re excited to be creating these new job opportunities in our community and keep providing exceptional service as we accelerate our growth in the future.”

About Chelle Trucking & Logistics

Chelle Trucking & Logistics is an innovative freight delivery and logistics provider out of Atlanta, Georgia. They combine cutting-edge technology and decades of industry expertise to transport goods throughout North America at a fraction of the cost charged by larger brokerage companies.

In partnership with their non-profit, Land We Love, they also donate to child welfare, education, and hunger relief efforts from each and every truckload they move.

To learn more about their approach and charitable missions, visit, or reach out via or 1-888-341-7983.

Media Contact
Nishal Sukdhoe
Marketing Manager, Chelle Trucking & Logistics

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