FRANKLIN, Tenn. (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — County Commissioner candidate and former U.S. Marine, Trinity Persful, sparked some controversy this weekend at a Rise & Shine Conservative Breakfast at Dotson’s Cafe when he warned Williamson County residents against the federal usurpation of local government by means of the 2010 census. A constitutional conservative, Mr. Persful puts forth that although citizens have an obligation to be rightfully counted for purposes of representation, any demand from the federal government to provide further information is an invasion of privacy.

Mr. Persful believes the 2010 census will challenge residents to refuse to answer questions regarding ethnicity, place of residence, income level, age or any other question not directly related to the number of persons living in the household.

“Our founding fathers designed the country to have very, very limited power,” explains Mr. Persful, candidate for the 3rd District’s Spring Hill, Thompson Station area. “The power was to rest at the state level. In regards to the census, the federal government has no constitutional authority to ask citizens anything but the number of persons living in their home. When the federal government acts outside their enumerated powers, they have abandoned the ‘rule of law’ – that is, The Constitution – and they have embraced the ‘rule of men.’ They have, quite simply, broken the law.”

Having taken an oath to “support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” Mr. Persful believes his duty to his country extends beyond any tour of duty he had as a Marine Captain.

“When I took that oath, I agreed to fight for the citizens of my country and their rights,” explains Mr. Persful. “As a County Commissioner, I would fight just as hard for my fellow citizen’s rights within the local government as I would on the battlefield.”

As a fiscal conservative with an M.B.A. from Drexel University, Mr. Persful also has a strong belief that the county should operate in surplus, not debt.

In a county consisting of mostly republican candidates, Mr. Persful believes his standing as a husband, father, constitutional conservative and U.S. Marine is the strongest foundation for a County Commissioner who will defend the city, county and state rights of his fellow citizens honorably, no matter the opponent.

News Source: Trinity Persful for County Commissioner

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