BLAINE, Wash. (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — What you throw away may come back to haunt you. Original bottles were discovered by workers while excavating in an old landfill site and artist Thoma Hall ( embraced the opportunity to incorporate them into “Journey of a Water Drop.” A dozen original glass bottles are among the 325 bottles in the art installation and visitors are challenged to locate them.

“Hearing about the old bottles found at the site was an incredible surprise,” comments Thoma Hall. “The reclaimed bottles each have a story to go with them about a person, a family, or an event that can be imagined from the past. Viewing the old bottles helps to link the past to the present, as one imagines life then and compares it to life now, at this time, at this place. This also reminds us that our trash doesn’t just go away. Whether it is covered with landfill or dumped into the ocean, the next generation will see have to deal it.” Thoma Hall maintains a Web site on the subject.

Thoma Hall has been making art with bottles and recycled materials since 1993, when she created “Earth Tear” out 250 plastic bottles during an Artist-In-Residency. In 2005, Hall developed a safety treatment for glass bottles which made them even more suitable for public art. Currently, she uses both plastic and glass bottles in her projects.

Hall’s designs are lively representations of nature, as she weaves bottles together to form streams, waves, the wind, and other elements. Tinted with blue, green, and violet, the bottles themselves can be understood as trash, gems, or oversized water droplets. In “Journey of a Water Drop” six large water droplets float amidst the bottles and illuminate the atrium like a beacon in a lighthouse.

Thoma Hall comments, “The composition for ‘Journey of a Water Drop’ was inspired by liquid movement; imagining a water drop falling as rain on the land, seeping into soil, falling into a drain, sliding through plumbing, one way or another, cycling back into the ocean. It’s like a dance with a smooth turn and slide motion that speaks about the beauty of our environment and how important it is for us to take care of it.”

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