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FLAT ROCK, N.C., Nov. 11, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Western North Carolina physician, Lance Plyler, M.D., is a recent veteran of the front lines of the Ebola epidemic, saving the lives of two Americans working to avert the crisis in Liberia: Kent Brantly, M.D., and his colleague, Nancy Writebol. Health Care Cafe, sponsored by Four Seasons Compassion for Life, airs the interview with Plyler, “Ebola Outbreak in Liberia,” on WTZQ, 1600 AM radio, Monday, Nov. 17, 5 p.m.

Plyler, formerly of Hendersonville, is the Medical Director of the International Disaster Response Unit and Projects with Samaritans Purse, Boone. He is the guest of Health Care Cafe host Chris Comeaux, CEO of Four Seasons Compassion for Life. An internationally recognized expert on the Ebola virus, he has previously appeared on a number of U.S. network news programs, including that of syndicated talk show host Glenn Beck.

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“Ebola is the most destructive disease I’ve ever encountered,” says Plyler. “Globally, we have underestimated this epidemic.”

A fever usually marks the beginning of an Ebola infection, which can look like other, less severe endemic diseases in its initial phases. This reality can make it difficult to control the viral contagion, which

“Dr. Plyler’s actions under pressure and against all odds exemplify the value of innovation in medicine,” says Comeaux.

Still in clinical trials, Plyler administered the experimental Z-Mapp three-vial course of antibodies to Brantly and Writebol. Created by Mapp Pharmaceuticals, an estimated five courses of the experimental drug exist worldwide.

Plyler’s “deciding moment” to split the single course between the two individuals would ultimately lead to the miraculous recoveries of both Brantly and Writebol, and their return to the United States to complete the Ebola treatment at Emory Hospital, Atlanta.

“When faced with difficult decisions, Plyler drew upon his expertise and his faith,” says Comeaux. “The results were nothing short of miraculous.”

Those tuning in to Health Care Cafe,, and the interview with Plyler will learn more about his work to overcome the incredible obstacle posed by the Ebola virus, including:
* hear firsthand the story of what happened behind the scenes of the media hype;
* find out what happened to Brantly and Writebol;
* learn how Ebola is differs from other epidemic diseases;
* discover how Ebola is transferred from person to person;
* consider what makes the Ebola Zaire strain of the virus particularly lethal;
* gain insights about the African geographies and populations associated with the infection;
* and question the measures and interventions needed to control the Ebola crisis.

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