MIAMI, Fla., March 15, 2012 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Beleza Pura, LLC announced this week the launch of Kerarganic – its newest line of keratin treatment and hair straightener. Designed to shake up the beauty market, it’s 100 percent formaldehyde-free, contains UV-protection ingredients and is the only keratin lotion in the world to contain 24-karat gold nanoparticles to intensify hair brilliance.

“Kerarganic is the new generation in hair therapy,” says Admir Serrano, founder and CEO of Beleza Pura. “And, I dare say, the safest on the market. Salon workers no longer have to worry about harsh odors, eye irritants or hazardous chemicals that are present in traditional keratin treatments. It’s a product that they can sincerely get behind and use with confidence. Now, even pregnant or breastfeeding women and children can enjoy keratin treatment. We solved the formaldehyde controversy.”

The Brazilian keratin treatment or Brazilian blowout, as it is also called, has been an important source of revenue to salons around the world. However, many stopped doing the treatment because formaldehyde, a main ingredient in the traditional keratin lotions, may cause health problems to hairdressers and clients. In fact, many clients are suing salon owners. As a result, several keratin brands containing formaldehyde are now forbidden in Europe, Canada, and Australia. In the U.S., both the FDA and OSHA are alerting hairdressers and clients about the health risks of formaldehyde fumes which are emitted during the treatment process. Formaldehyde has also been linked to cancer.

As the name implies, Kerarganic is a rich combination of natural keratin, the vitamin-packed, antioxidant Argan oil grown in Morocco; natural extracts; and an array of essential amino and fatty acids scientifically formulated to repair, beautify and straighten even the most resistant hair.

“There is no other product line on the market that rebuilds damaged hair like the Brazilian keratin treatment,” says Serrano. “Unfortunately, formaldehyde is a dangerous ingredient. We’re proud to have launched a product line that is free of formaldehyde or any other aldehyde or harsh chemicals, yet delivers the same expected results without the health risks. We want to bring the keratin business back to the salons in the safest manner possible.”

Another advantage of Kerarganic over traditional keratin treatments is that clients no longer need to wait two or three days to wash their hair after the treatment. With this new generation of hair therapy, hair is washed 20 minutes after the application process. It also allows clients to keep wanted curls with a simple twist in the final procedures.

Effects are visible within minutes after the first treatment and last approximately three to four months. To prolong results, Kerarganic designed a home care line composed of salt and sulfate-free shampoo; conditioner; leave- in conditioner; Argan oil serum, and an intensive weekly mask – all especially formulated to replenish keratin proteins, nutrients and vitamins that hair loses during the day.

Kerarganic® products are made and available in the U.S. and are also being exported to North Africa; the Middle East; Europe; and Central and South America.

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