BOSTON, Mass. /Massachusetts Newswire/ — LuraTech, Inc., a leading provider of open, ISO-compliant JPEG2000 and PDF/A technology, has added to new features to its robust LuraDocument(R) PDF Compressor Server document processing solution. The first feature – multi-core processor support – enables users to process documents faster while avoiding per page usage charges with LuraTech’s unique unlimited usage licensing structure. The second enhancement – form recognition and data extraction – eliminates the need for users to manually sort paper documents for processing and automatically extracts data for import into the appropriate back office systems.

“We designed PDF Compressor Server to easily integrate into existing workflows,” said Mark McKinney, president at LuraTech. “The two newest features will help users simplify complex processes, process more documents and achieve a faster return on investment with our unlimited usage license.”

Multi-Core Processor Support

PDF Compressor is now designed to take advantage of the processing power of new computer systems. By supporting multiple physical processors or multi-core processors, PDF Compressor Server can increase performance of compression and OCR by nearly 100 percent with each additional processor used. With this new feature, users can easily set up the number of processor cores with a single mouse click, even while the system is operating. And because the multi-core license offers unlimited usage, it avoids page counting or volume-based billing and supports continuous operation without interruption.

Form Recognition and Data Extraction

LuraTech is further improving on its best-in-class scanned document compression and OCR solution by enabling form recognition and automated data extraction. These new functionalities in the PDF Compressor Server enable users to minimize manual processes – such as sorting paper documents and examining extracted data – and automatically create XML data ready for import into existing systems, such as accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP). With the PDF Compressor Server, administrators can use its intuitive Form Designer to set up form recognition and data extraction rules. LuraTech also makes it easier for users to examine extracted data and make corrections for documents with lower character recognition rates. With its option Form Validator modules, LuraTech guarantees 100 percent accurate data extraction prior to import into back office systems.

At AIIM, LuraTech will showcase both its LuraDocument PDF Compressor and its LuraWave JP2 Image Content Server (ICS). The PDF Compressor – which is the leading PDF/A solution in the industry – offers a fully integrated ABBYY OCR engine for full-text searchability and supports best-in-class MRC layered compression, with compression rates up to 100:1. The LuraWave JP2 ICS provides batch processing tools to create JPEG2000 data stores and supports unparalleled web-based delivery of archival images, including maps, books and artwork.

All LuraTech products easily integrate into capture and archive workflow since they are offered in a variety of versions, from simple, desktop packages to command line tools and software development kits (SDKs).

Demonstrations of the LuraTech products will take place in Booth 2813 at the AIIM International Exposition & Conference, March 3-6 in Boston. Demonstration versions also can be requested by visiting

LuraTech Customer Named as Finalist for AIIM Best Practices Award

Also at the AIIM conference, LuraTech customer E-BizDocs and its clients, New York State’s Education Department and Office of Mental Health, have been named finalists for the AIIM-The Enterprise Content Management Association’s Carl E. Nelson Best Practices Award. Winners will be announced on March 4.

E-BizDocs used LuraTech’s LuraDocument PDF Compressor to scan and compress more than 400 million pages of color and black-and-white legal and medical documents that needed to be digitally archived by the New York State agencies. Because E-BizDocs employed the LuraDocument PDF Compressor Server’s PDF/A and mixed raster content (MRC) compression capabilities, they were able to deliver high-quality replication of original documents for long-term storage. PDF Compressor Server also enabled the agencies to reduce their storage requirements by 90 percent and improve electronic transfer capabilities by reducing file sizes from 8 Megabits to 80 kilobits per page.

About LuraTech

LuraTech is a leading provider of open, ISO-compliant JPEG2000 and PDF/A technology. LuraTech makes image and document compression, archiving and delivery a reality for public and private sector organizations by delivering easy-to-implement, open-standard imaging products, coupled with enterprise-class service and support. For more information, visit the LuraTech website at