Master Your Online Security and Privacy with Anti-detect Browser MoreLogin

NEW YORK, N.Y. /Massachusetts Newswire – National News/ — MoreLogin is an anti-detect browser for protecting users’ security and privacy. This application can hide digital fingerprints that usually prevent users from creating and using multiple accounts on platforms like eCommerce websites, affiliate marketing portals, online betting, arbitrage, etc. from a single device.

“MoreLogin will help service providers and business owners promote their products and services more efficiently and to a wider range of audiences from more than one social media account,” the Founder and Project Manager, Jameson, stated. “Our software also allows the use of keywords prohibited or banned on some portals, thus further enhancing the post reach and eventually expediting business growth,” he added.

Key features that make MoreLogin unique and efficient:

:: Multiple Browser Profiles

* While users can create up to two secure browser profiles with their free account, they can buy more than 10,000 units to widen their scope of advertisement and brand promotion and ease their business workflows.

:: Stable Proxies Provider

* Users can stay completely anonymous by hiding their real IP address and other digital fingerprints behind dedicated multi-layered proxies.

:: Groups and Teams

* For businesses with a larger number of associates and employees, MoreLogin has a ‘Group’ option that can contain accounts that share common attributes like department, product, etc.

* MoreLogin super admins can also invite people via email and add them as their team members to delegate tasks for more efficient profile management.

:: Detailed Invoice and Inventory Reports

* MoreLogin’s ‘Cost Center’ section gives detailed insights into purchased, completed, and active subscription plans for an accurate assessment and pocket-friendly future planning.

:: Cookies import

* It will enable you import the cookies saved on your browser and make a substitution of your browser fingerprint

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About MoreLogin:

MoreLogin is an easy-to-use mobile and PC program to stay anonymous and use several accounts for Internet surfing and brand promotion. Effective Team and Group features make task delegation and team management simple and less time-consuming, thus helping businesses grow faster than ever before.

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