HOUSTON, Texas (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — The current state of the economy continues to be on the minds of many. And, while the primary focus is on the financial bottom line, an even more worrisome impact of a poor economy is poor health. Muscle Mechanics works to alleviate some contributing stressors. Today, people are faced with some of life’s toughest challenges.

“Our goal is simple,” says John Aaron Villarreal, founder Muscle Mechanics. “It is to change the way people think about work and life and to find a delicate balance between the two. As a small business owner, I understand that in order to take good care of my clients, I have to take good care of myself.”

Now, more than ever, it’s essential that people exercise and eat right. Mental and emotional stress are higher than ever and exercise is one of the best medicines.

As reported in USA Today, a landmark Gallup-Healthways poll, the largest of its kind, includes more than 350,000 people and shows how emotional well being shifts with economic changes.

The survey revealed that people in their prime earning years – between 30 and 55 – are suffering the most from bad economic news and times. This same group is also busy with raising families and balancing careers so the amount of time left for exercise and good nutrition is limited or even non-existent.

An Emotional Health Index (EHI) was also produced from the survey. This measures and weighs problems such as depression, worry and stress against positive feelings. For instance, states with lots of open space or sunshine – Hawaii, Alaska and Wyoming – had some of the best emotional health, even as the economy sank. Some of the poorer states such as West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky – were worse off.

And, with emotional stress often comes depression which can lead to an increase in drinking, smoking and less motivation to exercise.

“People really can’t afford to be sick and unproductive right now,” explains Villarreal. “Job markets are tight and competitive, so it’s essential that people maximize their productivity. Plus, like it or not, if a potential employer sees a person as a health risk, another candidate may get the job.”

Muscle Mechanics encourages people to take some personal time each day; to nourish the body with healthy food; to exercise; and to try yoga and stretching.

“Stress management is a positive choice that will lead to a healthy dose of positive energy,” adds Villarreal. “People will not only feel better, but their new found positive energy will likely spill over into other areas of their lives so others will also be affected.”

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Muscle Mechanics offers uniquely-designed programs, seminars, events and strategic alliances with other like-minded businesses and organizations that are specifically tailored to individual needs.

John Aaron Villarreal is a Houston resident, business owner, personal trainer, public speaker and published writer. He is available for candid and informative interviews.

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