ClanGisticsPORTLAND, Ore., Jan. 24, 2012 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — ClanGistics™ announces the launch of their website which includes a first time ever e-product called the ClanGistics Planning System™. The planning system utilizes secured “cloud” server technology and data file encryption allowing users to login through a secured web portal and enter personal information safely and securely for instant access in cases of medical or family emergencies. The planning system is also important for those who live in a disaster prone area for internet access to personal emergency information.

In days gone by, a clan was a community or tribe of families and trusted others living in close proximity, able to be self-sufficient and self-sustaining to the needs of the clan, as best they could. Today, our families and friends can live in the farthest reaches of the world. We are dependent on communications technology, lawyers, doctors, insurance policies and state laws designed to protect us. When medical emergencies happen, doctors, insurance companies, lawyers and family will need immediate information. Not being prepared for a family medical emergency can cause fear, guilt and severe mental anguish when we don’t have the information organized for ourselves or those we will be responsible for. By taking a few simple steps now, you will revive the clan connection in modern terms. co-founders Terrie and Jon Hull created the product through their personal experiences with family medical emergencies.

Jon Hull explains: “With the ClanGistics Planning System, users can have immediate access to a family member’s information to alert medical workers of important things like allergies, medications and doses, as well as insurance, legal and financial information. We have also included a family contact portion so users can call family members and business contacts to alert them and create a plan of action. For users who have aging parents living elsewhere in the country or abroad, this is an invaluable tool. Access to a parents’ emergency information in case of sickness or injury could be one of the most important things you have.”

According to the U.S. Census Bureau 2011, 1 in 13 adults, age 44-64 and 1 in 10 adults, age 65 and over, were treated in a hospital for an injury. Also, 64 percent of people unable to care for themselves live with a family member.

Jon Hull added, “Specifically, we want everyone to organize the vital personal information they need to have at their fingertips, and to offer additional resources for those who find themselves as a family member caregiver. Our motivation to this cause comes from our experience of being swept into the responsibility of becoming the caretakers for an elderly family member after a horrible car accident and the subsequent events which changed our lives forever.”

Each individual system can be edited anytime, printed for home files, and any future system upgrades will be added for free. There are no monthly fees and users will receive a free monthly e-newsletter and free annual e-reminder to make any updates needed. Multiple systems can be purchased at special value rates.

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