Gene Hirschel NEW YORK, N.Y., March 22, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — According to the Center for Disease Control website, as of 2010 over 35 percent of Americans above the age of twenty are considered obese, and over 69% are considered overweight. Not surprisingly this has caused an increased interest in discovering easy and approachable weight loss plans in the form of fad diets, gadgets, medications, or even risky surgical procedures. According to Gene Hirschel, Behavior Modification Expert and founder of Vital Trance, many of these do not provide lasting results for all. Without addressing the underlying emotional issues, diets and even surgery will not bring lasting weight loss and health improvement for some.

Hirschel has used much of his twenty-five years of experience helping his clients alter their subconscious to lose weight. With over 20 years of training in various advanced behavior enhancement technologies, Hirschel has successfully used his skills in many area schools through his “Teach the Teachers” stress and classroom management programs. More recently he has used his techniques directed toward the New York City vibrant acting community in preparing for those stress-filled auditions. Attendees break through barriers, fears, anxiety and existing mental limitations to conquer stress and become calm teachers or achieve “Audition Mastery.”

Hirschel decided to take his techniques one step further with a breakthrough that he now refers to as his “5-minute weight loss miracle.” Hirschel said “I have now demonstrated that in just five minutes I can banish a craving for a particular food, which can result in significant weight loss for many clients. As a part of my comprehensive ‘Vital Trance’ weight loss program, clients often reach their target weight in a gradual, consistent and healthy manner without the stress often found in diets. In fact, I promise clients that they can eat anything they want, as much as they want, enjoy food more than ever and still lose weight.”

The methods that Hirschel uses realign a persons desire for food with their body in a healthy way, so the desire for food naturally focuses on healthier alternatives without a need for strict rules or a diet.

His innovative new approach that makes it possible to “banish a food craving in 5-minutes” is successful because it delves deep into the mind and disconnects unhealthy attachments to sugars and processed fats. Clients explore their subconscious gustatorial proclivities and often release emotions connected to food and eating. The result is profound mental and behavioral shifts leading to a desire for natural healthy foods and exercise. As a result, these clients are able to better control their cravings and thus their waistline, seemingly without effort.

Here are five benefits Gene says are the key to the success of his method to “banish a food craving in 5-minutes” combined with the Vital Trance program:
1. Clients release cravings for selected unhealthy foods in just five minutes.
2. It realigns the mind and body which naturally increases the desire for healthy lifestyle choices
3. New eating strategies often can last for years with minimal reinforcement.
4. No will-power, diets nor strict rules are necessary for losing weight with this program.
5. Thoughts such as “I must clean my plate” are banished often in the first session.

As the warm months are finally upon us, thoughts turn to beach wear and activities, and both men and women exert extra effort to keep get a trimmer body. Thoughts of slipping into wedding or bridesmaids gowns or trying on a new bikini remind us that diet season is once again beginning. Hirschel offers a concrete and safe alternative to the up and down roller coaster of diet fads, dangerous diet supplements, and even risky weight-loss surgery. With trimmer and heather minds and bodies, Hirschel’s clients are able to embrace the warm weather, enjoy outdoor activities and confidently sport revealing summer attire.

About Gene Hirschel:

Gene Hirschel is a renowned expert in behavior coaching, Ericksonian methods and his own advanced Vital Trance techniques. With over twenty-five years of experience working with individuals, couples and in his many “Manage your Mind” seminars, he has used his talents in both New York City and across the globe, helping his clients regain control of their lives through his approach to weight loss, stress management, and overcoming personal challenges. His methods have been so successful, that he has been sought after by corporations, schools, private groups and government agencies in the New York metropolitan area.

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