Smart Fog, Inc.RENO, Nev., Jan. 5, 2012 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Smart Fog, Inc. announced this week that its top seller – a commercial and industrial humidifier – the ES100 – is 90 percent more energy efficient that steam for building and duct-mount applications.

“Lately, we’ve received a great amount of feedback from customers and have learned that the energy efficiency numbers are even higher than originally calculated,” explains Ido Goldstein, director at Smart Fog®.

And, while energy efficiency is a top benefit, the ES100 brings a host of others to the table. For instance, this humidification system is maintenance free and has the ability to disinfect and sanitize so no other system is needed.

“We also have the shortest lead time in the industry,” says Goldstein. “Our clients are up and running in less than a week.”

The ES100 is designed for commercial and industrial use in more than 50 different industries. Some top categories include clean rooms, wineries, data centers, HVAC/buildings and laboratories, printing environments, greenhouses and more.

So, what else makes the ES100 so special? The secret lies in the small droplet size of the water (4.2 micron) and the engineered spacing between the air and water. Smart Fog has succeeded in manipulating the droplet size to be the smallest in the industry. Water evaporates only from the droplet’s surface.

If the droplet’s surface area, in relation to the volume of water is decreased, then the evaporation efficiency is increased. The smaller the droplet size, the longer it can stay airborne. Therefore, a smaller droplet size leads to faster and more efficient water evaporation. In fact, Smart Fog has achieved a 100 percent evaporation rate which equals 100 percent water efficiency.

Installation is easy with simple, step-by-step instructions. And, customer service support is always available by phone or e-mail.

“Our clients’ success is what makes us successful,” adds Goldstein. “We work with our clients on a project-by-project basis to ensure that they get exactly what they need. There is no such thing as one size fits all.”

About SmartFog:
In business since 1980, Smart Fog® Inc. is the recognized world leader in the industrial and commercial humidification systems industry. And, all products are manufactured in the U.S.

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