real estate investingNEW YORK, N.Y., Feb. 28 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — calls attention to future homeowners to some states with the best price values of foreclosure properties. Foreclosure Warehouse statistics show that the top states that had the lowest prices in the beginning of the 2011 compared to the same time in 2010 reveal advantageous situations for those who are looking for a new property.

Why are they good opportunities?

The statistics:
The top States listed from February, 2010 to February, 2011 with the most inexpensive homes (and their prices) are:

1. Kansas (Feb 2010: $88,500.00/ Feb 2011: $80,630.00)
Boasting good schools, a low cost of living, and a jobless rate still well below the national average, Kansas offers the outdoorsman and families professional sports, hunting, and recreation year round.

2. Missouri (Feb 2010: $101,230.00/ Feb 2011: $86,014.00)
With jobs galore, Missouri continues to exude the welcoming feeling to all who live or visit. There are plenty of opportunities to buy a nice home in good condition. Major industries include manufacturing, agriculture, retail service, and tourism. Missouri is largely a conservative’s place to live.

3. Mississippi (Feb 2010: $98,443.00/ Feb 2011: $92,210.00)
Having a warm climate year-round, a rich heritage, fresh seafood cuisine pleasures, and a low cost of living, Mississippi’s friendly people make owning a home in any community more than worth the time it takes to decide on which home to purchase.

4. Louisiana (Feb 2010: $145,222.00/ Feb 2011: $92,344.00)
Louisiana offers forests, bayous, city life, jazz, and that unmistakable Cajun cooking! The northern tier of the state is known as a sportsman’s paradise. Fishing is outstanding throughout the state. Pro and semi-pro sports are also worth considering the move to Louisiana to own a foreclosed property.

5. Arkansas (Feb 2010: $125,285.00/ Feb 2011: $95,648.00)
Buying a home in Arkansas can be advantageous with its low cost of living, diversity, top-notch schools and outdoor activities, that include six national park sites, 2.6 million acres of national forest lands, 13 major lakes, and two mountain ranges. The state also has a $350 tax credit on the real property of a taxpayer’s principal place of residence.

6. North Dakota (Feb 2010: $105,193.00/ Feb 2011: $96,282.00)
North Dakota’s fishing and hunting opportunities are among the best in the nation. Ranked as the friendliest state in the U.S., according to Cambridge University, and as the most affordable vacation spot by AAA insurance, its scenic beauty, winter sports, and natural wildlife are abundant. North Dakota has a mere 3.9% unemployment and remains the lowest percentage in the nation.

7. Maine (Feb 2010: $97,167.00/ Feb 2011: $97,176.00)
Beautiful Maine, called the “Pine Tree State” because 90 percent of its land is green forests, offers scenery, sandy beaches, fishing, thousands of offshore islands, inland lakes, rivers, and mountains. Maine is rich in historical significance, and offers famous seafood dining, arts and culture, a growing economy, a wealth of outdoor activities, and a high quality of life. Naval shipbuilding and construction are also economic impacts on the State.

8. Iowa (Feb 2010: $81,360.00/ Feb 2011: $97,727.00)
Iowa’s cost of living is considerably below the U.S. average at rated 79.9 out of 100. Homeowners pay less than half of the property tax collected each year. Employment is on par with the rest of the country, and Iowa has several excellent Universities and good schools and education standards.

9. Oklahoma (Feb 2010: $84,491.00/ Feb 2011: $98,995.00)
Known for mild winters, friendly people and beautiful scenery, an abundance of the arts, quality health care, education excellence and more, Many people are discovering Oklahoma is one of the best kept secrets in home ownership and lifestyle improvements. Transplants from California, for example, remark how they enjoy all this and more without high costs, energy shortages, smog, or traffic congestion.

10. Ohio (Feb 2010: $79,574.00/ Feb 2011: $106,645.00)
Boasting some of the finest medical and educational institutions in the country, and being the center of the nation’s largest concentration of industrial and consumer markets, Ohio offers an incredible variety of lifestyles and opportunities, a cost-of-living well below that of other major metropolitan areas, and a brand of quality inherent in its craftsmanship for manufactured goods. There are many college and professional sports teams to experience, and entertainment venues to enjoy. Ohio is a great place to visit, and people do love to live there.

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