CLEARWATER, Fla. (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Global Synthetic Ice(TM), worldwide leader in the development of synthetic ice, introduces “Super-Gliding,” the sport of skating on a surface other than real ice. Synthetic ice surfaces are not ice, but can be skated on using normal ice skates in the same manner as ice. These surfaces require no refrigeration or grooming equipment and are completely recyclable, so they are the environmentally-conscious alternative to refrigerated ice rinks.

Entrepreneurs and small municipalities have found that they can offer Super-Gliding time for minimal fees, allowing children and families that might not be able to afford the expense of ice-rink skating to enjoy hours of Super-Gliding.

Perry Boskus, president of Global Synthetic Ice, says, “This has the potential to get a whole generation of kids who might not have had access to an ice rink out Super-Gliding and appreciating the joy of skating!”

Global Synthetic Ice produces Super-Glide synthetic ice, the most advanced artificial ice surface available, and the only one to offer a true skate like ice experience – “Super-Gliding!”

In Europe, successful Super-Gliding franchises have been offering the Super-Gliding experience for many years. Kids are now able to go Super-Gliding all day, and inexpensive new sports are developing around this new technology. Among these new sports is Super-Glide Hockey, a fast 3 on 3 hockey game where the players shoot at targets rather than goalies.

Kids have always loved to go fast and play games on ice. With the popularity of ice-skating, an activity that has existed for over one hundred years, the future appears ready to include “Super-Gliding.”

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