LYNN, Mass. /Massachusetts Newswire/ — Independent laboratory testing of the formula that NevaSlip(TM) anti-slip floor service uses to make architectural stone and tile floors slip resistant shows it to be 100% environmentally safe, even as it gives those floors a Static Coefficient of Friction (SCOF) rating that meets or exceeds current federal ADA regulations. These test results prove that using NevaSlip, architects, builders, and building owners active in the “green building” movement can make the natural stone and tile floors they prefer safe from harmful and costly slip-and-fall accidents, while still being “green.” And NevaSlip’s 8-year guarantee helps keep the building “green” long after it’s built.

“Natural stone is the ultimate ‘green’ flooring product,” says NevaSlip Owner and President Stan Handman, “but granite, marble, and other natural stones can be dangerously slippery when they get wet. That’s why NevaSlip is a perfect partner for an architect or builder who wants to be safe and make sure they stay LEED compliant in their buildings.”

LEED(R) does not offer green certification for building-related products, and there is not yet one dominant “green” product certification organization, but these test results have Handman exploring which certification procedures, if any, would mean the most to his architectural, building, and corporate clients.

NevaSlip is an anti-slip floor treatment service with 18 years of making floors slip resistant for a range of companies, health clubs, hospitals, manufacturers, nursing homes, shopping malls, and universities from coast to coast. With health care costs and personal injury law suits continually on the rise, many companies also look at NevaSlip installation as a cost-savings strategy.

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