BOSTON, Mass. /Massachusetts Newswire/ — Truebridge, a content marketing company serving the financial industry, is excited to announce the newest update to its Content Marketing System. Threats to cybers ecurity have become increasingly prevalent over the last few years.

In order to help the customers and employees of financial institutions stay safe online, Truebridge has developed a comprehensive cyber security addition to the content library used by its clients.

In an interview for American Banker, Michael Bruemmer, VP at Experian's Data Breach Resolution group said that after investigations into 3,000 cyber attacks, they found that eighty percent of breaches begin with human error, as opposed to a failure of security technology. Cybersecurity education has never been more important.

This new cyber security content will draw customers into their bank's or credit union's financial library, where they will find helpful information on hundreds of other topics and easily connect with the exact person who can provide the appropriate advice and possible product solutions.

"Cyber attacks are becoming all too common. The recent hacks at Sony, Target and Home Depot are only the tip of the iceberg," says Truebridge CEO Stewart Rose. "Cybersecurity content will allow banks and credit unions to help more of their customers and members with their immediate, specific needs. It's a win-win that keeps customers turning to their financial institution as a resource for answers and the place to go for more of their needs."

About Truebridge, Inc.:

Truebridge, a fifteen-year-old content marketing company that serves financial institutions, is a leading provider of innovative marketing solutions designed to attract, engage and educate a 21st century audience.

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