Worcester Animal Rescue League
WORCESTER, Mass. /Massachusetts Newswire/ — The Worcester Animal Rescue League is thrilled to announce that they are a recipient of a 2015 grant from the Massachusetts “I’m Animal Friendly” license plate program. The awarded funds will help underwrite the costs necessary to provide spay/neuter services and medical treatment for the cats and dogs that come to WARL, be they stray, surrendered by their owners, or transferred in from other rescue organizations.

Allie Tellier, Executive Director of WARL, said: “The MA ‘I’m Animal Friendly’ license plate program is a testament to how much Massachusetts cares for its animals, and drivers are proud to show their support via the plate. The funds received from the program are directly impacting the lives of animals in our neighborhoods.”

By the time an animal arrives at WARL, they may be suffering from any number of ailments. Every pet who enters the shelter receives medical attention, both problem-oriented and preventative. Flea and tick prevention, parasite treatments, vaccines, and blood and fecal tests are administered to each pet upon arrival. Other commonly treated ailments include, skin and ear infections, dental cleanings and extractions, mass removals, and intestinal diseases. Additionally, all dogs and cats are spayed or neutered prior to adoption. While worthwhile, the cost to perform these services is great. With the assistance from the MA “I’m Animal Friendly” License Plate program, WARL is able to improve the quality of care for these deserving animals.

The “I’m Animal Friendly” license plates are a program of the Massachusetts Animal Coalition. Funds are dispersed annually to organizations in need that provide low-cost spay/neuter services.


About the Massachusetts Animal Coalition and the “I’m Animal Friendly” License Plate Program:

Massachusetts Animal Coalition (MAC) is a statewide, non-profit organization comprised of animal professionals and individual volunteers dedicated to working together to decrease the number of homeless, neglected, displaced and abused animals in Massachusetts. MAC’s “I’m Animal Friendly” License Plate program helps fund spay and neuter programs across the state. These charitable plates are available through Massachusetts RMV and are tax deductible.

About the Worcester Animal Rescue League:

Worcester Animal Rescue League is one of the largest limited intake animal shelters in the region. WARL prides itself on not establishing a time limit for healthy and adoptable animals, and the staff and volunteers work constantly with foster homes, rescue groups, and other shelters nationwide to place animals in the best possible circumstance. WARL is located at 139 Holden Street in Worcester, MA. Contact WARL at (508) 853-0030 or visit them online at or