Vladimir BiryukovBUSHKILL, Pa. (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — U.S.-based Billioninvest Corporation ( helps U.S. and Russian businesses to work together. Comprised of American economists, accountants and managers, its team clearly understands the value of intellectual synergies between the U.S. and Russia. It helps small businesses with document management and economic modeling for partnering between U.S. sellers and Russian buyers.

For instance, if a Russian business finds the American market of interest, Billioninvest can become a partner company in the U.S. It will expertly aid in effective integration into the U.S. marketplace and can also help American business merchants to increase international sales.

Billioninvest provides flexible options for small businesses. It has fully-equipped offices in the U.S. saving Russian clients time and money through enhanced expertise, management, technology and individual approach.

With affiliated offices in Russia and Ukraine, in addition to Moscow and St. Petersburg, Billioninvest is developing its service networks within Central, Siberian and Far Eastern regions of Russia. It actively explores Russian provincial industrial sites such as Chelyabinsk, Vladivostok and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Step by step, at all of its world-wide locations, Billioninvest assists start-up companies from Russia seeking to buy U.S.-made products and also aids in export consulting, accounting and international record keeping.

“We cost effectively help foreign distributors to develop a practical model of doing business within the American marketplace,” says Vladimir Biryukov, Ph.D, president and CEO of Billioninvest. “We deliver the global market to average income merchants from Russia and the U.S.”

Biryukov has a doctorate in international economics from the Russian Academy of National Security and an MBA from the French Institute of Communication with a major in Industrial Marketing. He is a well-recognized Russian economy expert.

As an expert in the small business movement, Biryukov outlined the primary strategy for Billioninvest – to bring U.S. quality products and variety to Russian small business importers.

“The Russian market is relatively dull,” continues Biryukov. “Original production is focused on natural resources and not on diversification of consumer goods. Russian buyers, especially from distant locales, are ready for more variety and improved quality.”

It’s a unique opportunity. Often, small business owners do not have the proper funds to cover the overhead that is needed for doing sales overseas. Or, U.S. suppliers simply lack the experience. Now, Billioninvest can help.

Customers may choose from an array of small business packages. A free consultation for new clients is available. For more information, visit: .

For more information contact:
Elena Michaels, Billioninvest Corporation, 570-588-3330, .

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