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CLEARWATER, Fla., Jan 20, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Bonsi Inc, a premier manufacturer and retailer of superior small appliances, introduces a new generation of cordless blenders that gives you the power of a traditional blender on the go. Bonsi Blend launch’s on Indiegogo on the 26th of January. Bonsi Blend connects directly to RTIC®, Yeti®, and Hydro Flask® bottles*. A 25-Volt power pack providing 750-watts of peak power and up to 30 blends per charge.

The Bonsi Story

Bonsi, Inc was founded in April of 2020 by David and Gifty Haight to create consumer products to revolutionize their markets. The question that brought this about was remarkably simple. Gifty called David to see if he could help find a cordless blender with a stainless-steel insulated cup. Gifty wanted something she could take to the gym or work that would keep her drinks cold for hours. After days of searching, they were unable to find what they wanted. They also realized that the blender market had not changed in decades. All the cool technology now available wasn’t being used.

After careful thought and consideration, they decided to start Bonsi, Inc. to develop their version of what a blender should be. It needed to integrate all the relevant, current technology to create a powerful, compact, eco-friendly product made with high-quality parts and be easy to use. They knew this would require sacrifice, risk, and months of effort. And they would need to do all of this during a worldwide pandemic and at a time of unprecedented political turmoil. But it had to be done – people deserved a product that would help them live better and simpler lives.

After months of research, endless phone calls, design work, and putting together the best possible team, Bonsi Blend was born. Like the bonsai tree, Bonsi Blend is small, powerful, sturdy, beautiful, and made to last. Because “Deep in Bonsi Inc’s core values, is to only create the best products possible, so that’s what we did,” said David Haight, CEO and Co-Founder.

Bonsi Blend was developed with only the best parts available:

* A 25-Volt Bonsi Power Pack, made from the highest quality lithium-ion batteries, delivers 750 watts of peak power. Easily as powerful as a home blender, Bonsi Blend will give you up to 30 blends per charge.

* The best brushless motor gives it a peak efficiency of 85%, creating a quieter blender.

* Integrated safety technology ensures that the blades won’t turn without a cup attached and stop if the blender tips over.

* A USB-C, PD 3.0-Rapid Charger gives it the fastest possible charging speeds.

* Data transfer options allow it to receive remote firmware updates. All you need is a cable to connect the USB-C connector to a computer.

* A rugged, flex-rigid PCB board built to last for years.

* A sliding touch sensor to make operating it intuitive, easy, and simple.

* It was purposely built without a plastic blending vessel. “Let’s face it; there are enough plastic bottles in the world,” said David Haight, CEO and Co-Founder. Instead, Bonsi Blend attaches to cups already in the market – RTIC® Bottles, Yeti® Bottles, and Hydro Flask® wide-mouth bottles, giving people the choice of brand, color, and bottle size.

As with any new venture, there was a great deal to be endured by everyone involved. With a 3-year-old boy, plus the cost of developing Bonsi Blend, it was not an easy task. David had to travel a lot for work and the development of Bonsi Blend. Gifty worked in the medical field during Covid, picking up extra shifts when she could, while raising their son, Nathan.

As with anything in life, struggle, determination, and sacrifice are part of what makes something great. Bonsi Blend is an extraordinary product, forged with determination and sacrifice, that will revolutionize how blenders are made. Bonsi shows the world that if you have the will to do something, anything is possible.

Gifty and David look forward to sharing Bonsi Blend with the world and sharing the love one blend at a time.

“Bonsi Blend is a product that will change people’s lives for the better. It is easy to use, high quality, and built to last. Now people can have the power of a home blender in the palm of their hand,” says Gifty Haight, VP & Co-Founder.



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