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MATTITUCK, N.Y. /Massachusetts Newswire – National News/ — Capital Industries, a leader in industrial concrete repair products, has released a tip sheet on how concrete floor coatings benefit commercial businesses.

Repore urethane concrete sealer is a one-step system made up of moisture-cured urethane. It is typically applied to the surface of concrete floors to create a moisture, chemical, and abrasion-resistant coating for your flooring. This product provides various benefits that make it one of the most beneficial things property owners can utilize on their floors.

The benefits of sealing concrete floors are plentiful and can help industrial businesses in the long run. Here are four reasons why it is beneficial to seal concrete floors in industrial buildings.

1. Sealing concrete floors in industrial buildings can protect them from harsh chemicals and cleaners.

Sealing concrete floors in industrial buildings can help to protect them from harsh chemicals and cleaners. Applying a sealant is very important because the lifespan of a non-sealed floor can shorten the lifespan by the chemical used.

Repore floor sealant is also popular for sealing warehouse floors, factory floors, and even commercial kitchen floors. It can be a much more cost-effective solution than digging up the floor and replacing it with something else. A recent study has shown that the average cost of replacing a floor is around $10,000, whereas sealing the floor is much less. Companies should consider these benefits before deciding whether to seal the floors.

2. Help the floor last longer to increase its lifespan.

Sealing a concrete floor improves durability by protecting it from cracks and stains. The most common type of sealer used is called a urethane sealer. These sealers offer moderate protection against staining and wear.

3. Improve the safety of working conditions for employees in the industrial building.

Concrete is a building material that, if left unsealed, can cause major slip hazards for workers. The spills created are also a safety hazard because they create a slip hazard as well. However, sealing the concrete floor will reduce the risks for workers.

Seal concrete floors at any point after pouring them. It helps keep the concrete from becoming slippery and spilling onto the floor, creating more hazards for employees.

4. Reduce the costs associated with repairs and maintenance.

Concrete floors can easily get damaged when they are not maintained properly. The cracks and chips in the surface will make the floor uneven, increasing the risk of falls.

Commercial concrete floor sealer can help to reduce costs by increasing its lifespan, making it more durable and easier to clean.

It also helps to avoid any damage caused by spills and other incidents. Concrete sealing also helps to save energy, as you will not need powerful cleaning equipment or boiling water that may cause damage to your floor.

* The sealer protects against stains and scratches by filling in imperfections on the surface

* The sealer makes it easier to clean up because dirt particles do not get embedded in the surface

* It can also act as an additional protective layer

Capital Industries is the best place to find industrial concrete floor sealers. We have a one-step floor sealer to suit any size of business at an affordable price. Our floor sealer is a single component moisture-cured urethane, clear coating and cure time, provides a convenient solution to the need for high-performance floor coating.

Contact our team today at (631) 298-6300 to learn more about purchasing high-quality, affordable industrial concrete floor sealers for your business. If interested in a long-lasting product that is resistant to wear and tear, contact us to learn more about sealing concrete floors.

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