WARE, Mass. /Massachusetts Newswire/ — For the first time, Turrem is proud to help customers purchase citation packages that benefit local small business owners. Turrem, a Western Massachusetts-based web design and SEO agency, provides quality manual citation services. When purchased: The same service will go to a local small business or nonprofit organization of your choosing. Each organization will receive manually claimed business listings, removal of duplicates, submission for navigation, and a 300+ point local SEO audit.
Roberto Torres, owner of Turrem

Roberto Torres, owner of Turrem explains that, “When you purchase a business listing package, we will give the same citation service to a local small business of your choosing.”

Turrem in web design and local SEO services that help small business improve their local marketing, including its Buy 1 Give 1 opportunity, which are all offered on its website at

Roberto Torres goes on to say that “citations, or business listings, contribute to a business’s online presence by providing links back to their business website, and by giving consumers places to find their business on websites that already appear in search for more keywords.”

What makes Turrem’s service unique is that each listing is manually claimed and updated. There are no APIs used. This allows for the service, “to be a one-time cost to update dozens of quality citations for your business.”

With online being such a competitive landscape, it can be difficult for local business owners to stay in front of local consumers and boost their organic web traffic. That’s where Turrem comes in. With a focus on quality citations and business listings, Turrem’s citation services are built-to-last and will lead to more exposure and awareness for your business online.

Turrem also says that its citation packages will “remove duplicate listings to reduce confusion and bad data. [Also], submission to data aggregators will get you listed in navigation apps.”

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In regards to giving back to the community, Turrem shares that, “upon purchase, you can then submit your business information and the business you wish to give to.”

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About Turrem:

Turrem is a web design and SEO agency that is based out of Ware, Massachusetts.

Official Company Mission: “To help small businesses grow so they can impact the people who live, work, and visit their communities.”