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On November 19, 2021, ‘Daddy’s Margarita Rose’ the Album, was selected as a ‘Feature’ Album by iTunes Music

NASHVILLE, Tenn. /Massachusetts Newswire – National News/ — High Mountain Breezes today announced the release of their first record, “Daddy’s Margarita Rose.” The Record is now available on Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, You-Tube and many other major streaming services.

“Today is a very special day for all of us in the High Mountain Breezes, thirteen years in the making. ‘Your’ HMB Players’ first record, ‘Daddy’s Margarita Rose’ went live today. We’re excited, honored and blessed to have the opportunity to bring some really good music to our friends and fans,” said Bruce Tarletsky, Founder of the High Mountain Breezes.

“For me personally, this project was truly an experience of love and friendship that will last a lifetime for us all. To have 24 of the most gifted artist, players, producer, engineer and friends sharing their love in this project is something that happens once in one’s lifetime.”

“Daddy’s Margarita Rose” is a compilation of new original High Mountain Breezes songs and a blend of traditional popular cover songs that music lovers have enjoyed through the years but now they have a unique arrangement produced by The HMB Players.

The Title Track “Daddy’s Margarita Rose” was co-written by Bruce Tarletsky, Jimmy Mattingly and Chris Leuzinger. This track truly reflects the HMB Players approach to music. Not only are the HMB Players the best at what they do, they are true curators of their art. Gwen Sebastian is the Artist on “Daddy’s Margarita Rose.” Words cannot truly illustrate the amazing talent of Gwen Sebastian as she makes this song her own. On August 20, 2021, The High Mountain Breezes released, as a pre-sale release, this title track of their record, “Daddy’s Margarita Rose,” to date has seen over 205,000 streams on various streaming services.

In addition, on November 19, 2021, ‘Daddy’s Margarita Rose’ the Album, was selected as a “Feature” Album by iTunes Music.

Highlighting the cover songs on ‘Daddy’s Margarita Rose’ is The HMB Players rendition of a timeless classic, “Will The Circle Be Unbroken.”

“Will The Circle Be Unbroken” brings an amazing vibe that the HMB Players hope will leave listeners inspired and thankful for the times of their lives. We just couldn’t wait to share it with the world. Our arrangement, which we believe is unique and different from any of the original versions that audiences have come to know, was done by Chris Leuzinger, who simply nailed it.

Deborah Allen, a Grammy-nominated entertainer, an extraordinarily talented singer, songwriter, producer and performer brings her amazing talent and heart & soul to the song as one of the featured artists accompanied by the HMB Players. Ms. Allen said “I’m proud to be a small part of this ‘wonderful’ circle of great friends and music.”

The other great artists also featured on “Will The Circle Be Unbroken” are comprised of truly awesome talents, a true collection of friends and the sounds created by the HMB Players. The awesome line-up of artist on this song also features along with Deborah Allen includes, Singer/Songwriter Benita Hill along with a couple of “Your” gifted HMB Player artists, Ron Wallace and Melissa Duvall. The wonderful talents of Vicki Hampton and Robert Bailey bring their heartfelt sounds to the background vocals. Our hope is that once again our fans will be moved each time, they listen to it.

“Holdin Back,” one of the new original HMB Players song brings a jazzy soulful vibe to a universal question in a relationship /love story. The song, co-written by Bruce Tarletsky and Monty Lane Allen, features Melissia DuVall – Karjala on vocals and Muskogee Oklahoma’s Billboard charting national recording artist Saxophonist Jermaine Mondaine along with the smooth BGV’s of Vicki Hampton and Robert Bailey.

“The Songwriters Heart,” another High Mountain Breezes original track, gives tribute to all songwriters and in particular, to a few legendary songwriter/artists the world has ever known. Co-written by Bruce Tarletsky & Heather Riley Becket features Darryl Lee O’Donnell on lead vocals and Conrad Reeder on BGV’s.

We believe that listeners will also enjoy the other cover songs on the record including “Amarillo By Morning” featuring Nashville singer / songwriter Dave Gibson on vocals, “Good Time Charlie’s Got the Blues” featuring Nashville singer / songwriter Ron Wallace on vocals and our unique version of “Bridge Over Trouble Water” featuring a trio of amazing artists, Heather Riley Beckett, Gwen Sebastian and Mellissa DuVall – Karjala.

“It was a pleasure working on this wonderful project with such a talented team of musicians, singers and engineers. Everyone was so passionate about their contributions, and it shows in the music that was recorded. I look forward to this project getting out to the public,” said Bob Bullock, Producer, High Mountain Breezes / New West Productions. Bob has spent nearly 50 years in the music industry with over 50 Gold & Platinum Records to his credit.

“Having been involved with the Nashville music scene for 25 years, my mind was blown when I saw the artists involved with High Mountain Breezes. The music they’ve created reflects their sublime artistry. Though many of the players are not household names, anyone who has listened to Country music or been to a show has enjoyed the music they’ve been a part of. No surprise that this is one of my favorite albums of 2021!” said Ed Gertler of Digital Delivery Services.

High Mountain Breezes are asking fans to be sure to click on the “Follow” buttons on their favorite streaming so that they can continue to be a part of the High Mountain Breezes experience along with us as we continue to bring our music to the world.

About the HMB Players (High Mountain Breezes Players):

The HMB Players are a studio group. We are a collection of life long music friends who take time out of our professional careers to come together in the High Mountain Breezes to reconnect, share in our friendships and our God given talents to create our own style of music together. When we are in the studio, it is a very heartfelt and spiritual experience shared among friends who love what they do as opposed to just a studio work session. One HMB Player expressed who we are and what we do so very eloquently when he said, “The gift of being a worthy session player is two-fold, first; using one’s palette to augment something already beautiful, and second, being trusted and skilled enough to do it.”

As we come together as a team, we are doing the same for ourselves, together. In a way, we are leaving our own mark on music, our legacy so to speak. When we come together, it is truly a collaborative effort. Time seems to stand still as everyone shares in the creative process. Everyone from the players, the vocalist, the songwriting team and producers contribute to a record. Like in years gone by, we make our records the old fashion way, right in the studio.

So, when you hear one of our songs, you will feel the chemistry of years of friendships, the love, skills and collaboration of experiences, ideas and individual feelings in our records and music. We all are truly very honored and blessed to have the opportunity to make our kind of music together and spend a little time together, hopefully for years to come.

We Are a Music Family:

Over the years, our lives in music have brought so many wonderful individuals with so much God given talents into our lives. True lifelong friendships have grown from our paths having crossed with them. We are all very honored and truly blessed to be able to call each of them friend. Our friends have meant so much to the music that has been ingrained in generations of hearts around the world and for that, it’s a gift that will last till the end of time. We love and admire each of them, as we are sure fans do too through their music that has touched all our hearts and souls.

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