Pantheory Research Organizaton: James Webb space telescope can look farther into the most distant universe

CERRITOS, Calif. /Massachusetts Newswire – National News/ — The Pantheory Research Organization has announced the release of their new, published scientific research and related journal-published papers. The first paper is called “The Surprising and unexpected discoveries the James Webb Space Telescope will likely make, based upon our research.”

This paper describes the many past observations from many different scientific sources that point to “new discoveries.” They expect that the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) astronomers will likely realize that the galaxies they are observing in the most distant past look the same as galaxies in the local universe. This idea was proposed by Hubble observers and others.

Their prediction says that the evolution of the universe as a whole, according to Big Bang cosmology, probably did not, and does not happen. They cite a great many past observations coming to this same implication. They expect in time that the James Webb astronomers will realize the same thing. They also mention that they expect this will take JWST astronomers at least several more years to discern this because they are using mainstream distance and brightness equations which this paper claims are wrong.

Instead they refer them to a link where they can find alternative “correct equations,” which they include in their new paper, link below:

Their second new paper is called “A Clear and Certain Path, Replacing the Lambda Cold Dark Matter model with a more observationally verifiable, and much less-problematic cosmology.”

This title is interesting because, for one reason, it means the paper’s proposals are probably contrary to mainstream cosmology and upon reading it, that is exactly what the paper proposes, the replacement of the Lambda Cold dark matter cosmology. The paper describes and discusses the great number of problems of mainstream cosmology. After listing some of the more well known and important of these problems, it proposes what they assert to be the “correct answers” to every one of these problems.

Following this discussion the paper makes its own alternative theory proposal. This alternative theory is called the “Pan Theory of Cosmology.” Although this theory has been around for many decades and is published in a number of places online, it is very little known but provides its own alternative equations that accordingly discard both dark matter and dark energy and by theory, it eliminates inflation and the entire Big Bang model and included hypotheses.

The link to the preprint version of it is seen below:

Other proposals of their theoretical works have been doing very well concerning scientific readings: their “Grand Unified Theory,” and their “Theory of Everything.” Both links are shown below:


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