SEEKONK, Mass. /Massachusetts Newswire/ — The Team Shawnie Advocacy Group, an over-watch children’s advocate agency based in Seekonk, MA, has been working vigorously alongside State Representative, Steven Howitt (R), Bristol County to implement Bill H. 132 (Shawnie Bill) that would close loopholes in our Mental Health Care system in Massachusetts. Because of these loopholes, abuse of incapacitated children and adolescents occur daily.

Team Shawnie Advocacy Group
Shane and Cheryl Halajko, who live in Seekonk, have experienced this firsthand. Their child Shawnie is autistic. Their harrowing story of finding a safe and nurturing environment for their son to live his life without fear of abuse and mistreatment is mind blowing. Elected and appointed officials for years opposed them at almost every turn. Mired in bureaucracy and lack of knowledge, politicians pushed Shawnie into some very dangerous and life-threatening situations. Unfortunately, their experience is like thousands of other families throughout Massachusetts and the United States.

Bill H.132 (Shawnie Bill) addresses simple but effective changes to the law in Massachusetts. We will present the bill early next year. We hope that our local radio stations and journalists will help support the cause and tell the story. This bill will make a real and measurable impact on the lives of so many families around us. Please help us get the word out.

State Representative, Steven Howitt (R), Bristol County, and Shane Halajko are available for interviews. They will discuss the bill and Shawnie’s experience in detail. This is a non-partisan issue, and we gratefully accept the help of all.

Resources which can be found on our website, include: a copy of the bill in its entirety — short YouTube explainer video — link to grassroots petition with over 3,000 signatures — six-part podcast series.

Team Shawnie Advocacy Group
Shane Halajko


News Source: Team Shawnie Advocacy Group