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IRVINE, Calif. /Massachusetts Newswire – National News/ — Global mobile tablet accessory manufacturer The Joy Factory has partnered with smart workforce solutions provider Augmentir™ to deliver the tools needed by today’s mobile connected workers to boost productivity, streamline processes, improve work quality, and ensure safety particularly in the fields of Oil & Gas, Energy & Utilities, and Manufacturing.

With decades of expertise in the technology and electronics sectors, The Joy Factory has been consistently providing solid solutions for mobile workers, enabling them to stay active, engaged and feel secure while using their devices even under challenging conditions. Having a range of products that are Hazardous Location (HazLoc) compliant or certified in Class I and Class II, Div. 2 & Class III Div. 1 & Div. 2, Groups A – D, F & G for North America as well as in ATEX Zone 2 Compliance: Ex ic nc IIC, enable workers to focus on their job without worrying about safety and compliance. The Joy Factory also supplies compatible patented MagConnect™ ergonomic mounts that allow mobile users to work comfortably hands-free regardless of their location.

As products become more sophisticated and global competition grows stronger, new opportunities have opened for many industries. Along with these changes, the workforce is transitioning into a digital age as boomers are starting to retire, making way for millennials who aim for collaborative processes that improve efficiency and enable them to manage their work more effectively.

“Instead of getting swallowed up by the digital age, many companies have ridden the wave and adapted to these changes,” said Miranda Su, executive vice president. “And one of the keys to this is allowing employee mobility, which is more than just giving mobile devices to your workers. Rather, it’s about giving them both protection and access to their work and all the data they need to perform their tasks from any location in the world.”

Mobile connected workers have many challenges which is why The Joy Factory and Augmentir™ have teamed up to offer end-to-end solutions for companies who are looking for ways to expand the capabilities of their field workers.

Augmentir™ takes this one step further with their suite of AI-based connected worker tools that blends intelligent skills management and digitized work, giving workers the guidance and support they need, and giving employers data-driven insights, in real-time, into the needs and performance quality of their workforce. This means that the company’s decision makers get more clarity on how the work is being done, thus enabling customization of work processes that aim to improve efficiency and productivity.

These insights enable team leaders and managers to provide personalized on-the-job guidance and support, as well as deliver the right information at key moments to help workers perform at their personal best. Augmentir’s solution is specifically designed to recognize patterns from data sets generated by frontline workers, then works to extract only the relevant information and bring focus on the real issues that affect the company’s bottom line.

Augmentir’s AI can be applied in many industries including manufacturing, oil and gas, mining, as well as pharma and life sciences, helping companies streamline their operations and find ways to improve on in terms of safety, quality, operations, maintenance, field service, training, and workforce development.

“The combination of Augmentir and The Joy Factory meets the unique requirements of our industrial clients. Our clients are looking for Augmentir to assist every worker at each phase of their jobs but as no two facilities are set up the same, a lot of thought must go into how digital technologies can be incorporated into their work environments,” said Dave Landreth, vice president of customer strategy. “Having a partner who can cater to the specific requirements of our clients in fully leveraging their digital investments is hugely important to us and The Joy Factory has proven to be that partner.”

About The Joy Factory:

The Joy Factory, Inc. is a global manufacturer of leading tablet mounting, cases, enclosures, kiosks, and mobility accessory products that have been enhancing human interaction with digital devices for over a decade. The Joy Factory has quickly become an essential rugged tablet solution provider for a wide variety of industries such as manufacturing, oil & gas, energy & utilities, transportation, healthcare, hospitality, education, government, and retail. For more information, please visit

About Augmentir:

Augmentir™ is a connected worker solution that allow industrial companies to digitize and optimize processes that support frontline workers from “hire to retire”. The complete suite of tools are built on top of Augmentir’s patented Smart AI foundation, which closes the loop between training and work execution, delivering the data and in-line insights necessary to continuously improve operational excellence day-over-day, year-over-year.

Companies in manufacturing, service, energy, and construction leverage Augmentir’s AI in conjunction with the platform’s digital workflow and remote collaboration capabilities to optimize their frontline operations and deliver significant growth and continuous improvement in the areas of performance support, training, and workforce development. For more information, please visit

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