BOSTON, Mass. /Massachusetts Newswire/ — Please join in a historical first! The nonprofit, Mira Alto Foundation will be celebrating this amazing week. This marks the first time an LGBTQ+ focused organization has shed light on the epidemic of eating disorders within their community.

About the Week:

This week is for people who identify on the LGBTQ+ spectrum and their allies. That being said Mira Alto wants EVERYONE to take part and enjoy.

Mira Alto founder Krista Sturgeon
The themes for each day are below. All of them will be done purely on Social Media only, with one exception “Wicked Wednesday.” On Wicked Wednesday, thanks to Public Installation Artist Sonya Thorne, we will use art as activism and light up Boston with stories and information.

Also on that Wednesday Mira Alto founder Krista Sturgeon will be wearing a bodycam for the entire day.


* Monday the 11th – Grateful Monday : What are YOU Grateful for? Share what you are grateful for with Mira Alto.
* Tuesday the 12th – You are You: Be proud of your journey, accomplishments and your downfalls. Share your challenge and triumphs with Mira Alto.
* Wednesday the 13th – Wicked Wednesday: Mark something off your bucket list. Share your post or pictures of what you are marking off your bucket list with Mira Alto.
* Thursday the 14th – Be your own Valentine: Love yourself. Send Mira Alto your selfies of you being your own Valentine.
* Friday the 15th – Forgiveness Friday: It is time for you to forgive yourself and others. Send your post or picture on how you are forgiving yourself and others to Mira Alto.
* Saturday the 16th – Take Notice Saturday: Let people take notice of you. Send your post or picture of how you are letting people take notice of you.

Let’s show the world that Massachusetts not only dominates in sports, but in social issues as well.

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News Source: Mira Alto Foundation