BROCKTON, Mass. /Massachusetts Newswire/ — Moduline Aluminum Cabinets launches the Upfit(TM) Series, a new storage system for vans, trailers, box trucks and other vehicles. The Upfit(TM) Series features bold colors and anodized brushed aluminum frames that give any vehicle a sleek, clean, professional appearance. But it’s more than just good looks; Upfit(TM) Series is built for performance. Made with military-grade aluminum and manufactured with pride and precision in the USA, Upfit(TM) Series shelving is designed to handle the stress and strain of stop-and-go traffic.

Moduline Cabinets
The Upfit(TM) Series is made from with lightweight, military-grade aluminum. Aluminum is the absolute best material when it comes to vehicle storage because its lighter weight will save you on fuel and gross vehicle weight (GVW) while also being durable to handle the force from starting and stopping in traffic, especially when fully loaded with cargo.

“We’re excited to launch the Upfit(TM) Series” said Paul Gill, owner of Moduline Cabinets. “We wanted to make a storage system to fit any van. It had to be flexible enough for all the different trades and industries that rely on cargo vans, but it also had to be easy to order online.”

Our new Upfit(TM) Series webpage makes it easy to find a van upfit package for any van. Simply filter by your van’s make, model and wheel base and we’ll show you a variety of standard setups designed for different types of storage needs. We also offer individual shelves, Mix & Match(TM) modules and accessories so you can add on to an existing package or build your own from scratch.

The Upfit(TM) Series also features Moduline’s patented QuikDraw(R) Latch System, which keeps drawers securely closed on the road, but opens with just one finger anywhere along the handle. Every Upfit(TM) Series door and drawer also comes standard with a security key lock to keep your tools or documents safe.

Mix & Match Modules(TM) and storage accessories make the Upfit(TM) Series configurable for different storage needs. Options include tethered door kits, up to (4) QuikDraw(R) drawers per shelf, aluminum drawer and shelf dividers, and removable organization bins, which fit anywhere in the system.

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Moduline Cabinets is a premier designer and manufacturer of quality, American-made modular aluminum storage cabinets. Moduline cabinets can be found in residential garages, vehicles, trailers, commercial and industrial shops, military and other specialty applications. For over 30 years, Moduline has provided cabinet solutions for car enthusiasts and professionals, specializing in custom designs and unmatched customer service.

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