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GYMPIE, Australia /Massachusetts Newswire – National News/ — ArtistScope, a leading developer of DRM and copy protection software for more than 20 years, celebrates the 10th anniversary of the release of the ArtistScope Site Protection Software (ASPS) and the release of ArtisBrowser for all Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

First released in 2011, ASPS creates a secure tunnel between the web server and the user’s desktop that is only accessible by using the ArtisBrowser, a web browser specially designed to decrypt web pages and display them in the most securely copy protected scenario imaginable.

ASPS is an enterprise solution that requires a dedicated server or VPS for the rights and permissions to run at system level on Apache, Nginx and Windows IIS servers. However today VPS rental is much more economical and hosting plans can start from as little as $10/month which is not much more than most normal webhosting plans. Any web page can be encrypted for display in ArtisBrowser, regardless of its content and creation, whether static pages or dynamically created by popular CMS such as DNN, Drupal, Joomla, Moodle or WordPress.

ASPS encrypted web pages cannot be extracted even by packet sniffers. Nor can they be extracted from browser cache or memory. Only the ArtisBrowser can decrypt them for display while protecting them from all manner of copy, capture and exploit.

There is nothing else like ASPS because there is no other copy protection solution for web content that can be considered secure. All other solutions rely on web browsers that have been designed to do exactly the opposite by making all web media and content as easy to save, copy and download as possible.

It was only up until last year that ArtisBrowser was available for Windows only because other OS, especially those used by amusement devices like mobile phones, could not be as secure as the Windows version. But the demand for mobile phone support has increased and the ability to satisfy ArtisBrowser criteria has since improved.

Anyone who has intellectual property displayed online can benefit from the use of ASPS. It is used by large and small companies alike. However, the most common usage is for the copy protection of online course material that can include all manner of data, images, PDF and video. ASPS can be used with any learning management system (LMS). Moodle is most popular with universities and colleges because it caters from study levels through to course grading. However, Moodle is complex and a learning curve for most.

WordPress is an easier solution to use that can be already installed with economical hosting plans. LMS plugins such as LearnPress for WordPress have become most sophisticated and thus very popular with online tutors catering for students in lock down.

But it doesn’t matter what the website content is because ASPS and the ArtisBrowser will most securely copy protect anything that can be displayed on a web page.

The bottom line: ArtistScope provides the most secure and robust copy protection for all online media.

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