BOSTON, Mass. /Massachusetts Newswire/ — HomeBinder, a centralized home management platform that keeps homeowners connected with mortgage lenders, Realtors, and other authorized professionals, today announced it has joined The Mortgage Collaborative’s (TMC) Preferred Partner Network. The new membership enables HomeBinder to offer preferential pricing to TMC’s nearly 150 member banks, credit unions and independent mortgage banking companies. Trusted by over 600,000 homeowners to date, HomeBinder simplifies homeownership, improves home values and increases repeat and referral business for mortgage lenders and Realtors.

HomeBinder, Inc
“HomeBinder is an exciting addition to the TMC Preferred Partner Network that offers a fresh competitive advantage to Lender Members,” said Steven A. Milner, founder and CEO of nationally licensed direct mortgage lender US Mortgage Corporation for 28 years and a TMC board member. “A core value here at US Mortgage is to ‘seek longevity.’ It is a belief that informs everything from how we make business decisions of the long-term success of the company in mind to how we foster a work environment where employees want to build a lifelong career. We also seek longevity in our client relationships, and in that quest we seek to become a lender for life to all our clients. HomeBinder is the ideal partner to Lender Members for that purpose.”

By partnering with HomeBinder, mortgage lenders can furnish each borrower with an online platform designed to make managing a home and maintaining its value easier. HomeBinder features include document storage, maintenance reminders, appliance recall notifications, a digital home inventory and more. The platform also helps lenders and real estate agents stay connected with clients long after the home sale thanks to prominent placement of their contact information within each borrower’s HomeBinder.

“Our mission is to deliver homeowners peace of mind and optimize their home’s value by being the bridge between them and the businesses that support their ownership,” said HomeBinder Founder and CEO Jack Huntress. “We are delighted to join The Mortgage Collaborative and look forward to working with lenders who share our vision of supporting the homeownership journey and see the value in having deeper, longer-lasting relationships with their clients.”

“We started The Mortgage Collaborative eight years ago to leverage the collective power of the lending community, share ideas and become more efficient and profitable together,” said TMC CEO Jim Park. “We welcome HomeBinder as our newest Preferred Partner and encourage our Lender Members to see for themselves how this powerful little app engages borrowers and keeps lender relationships sticky at the same time.”

HomeBinder comes with plug-and-play integrations with Encompass(r) by ICE Mortgage Technology(tm), Salesforce and other leading mortgage loan origination software (LOS) and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. For more information, visit or book a demo today!

About HomeBinder:

HomeBinder is a home management platform that makes maintaining a home’s value easy while improving relationships between homeowners and the businesses that serve them. Unlike traditional leave-behinds like business cards and refrigerator magnets, HomeBinder maintains an ongoing digital connection with homeowners as they manage their data, documents and relationships over time. Founded in 2015, HomeBinder is a venture-backed Techstars Boston ’19 company headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts. For more information, visit

About The Mortgage Collaborative:

Based in San Diego, Calif., The Mortgage Collaborative was founded in 2013 by four notable industry leaders and is the nation’s largest independent mortgage cooperative network. TMC is singularly focused on creating an environment of collaboration and innovation for small to midsize mortgage lenders across the country to reduce cost, increase profitability, and better serve the dynamic and changing consumer base in America. For more information, visit