BOSTON, Mass. /Massachusetts Newswire/ — Boston startup Rahoo Baby, a baby product company made up by a team of physicians and pediatric therapists, is launching “Rahoo U,” an online classroom for parents. Launching January 25, Rahoo U teaches parents the most effective techniques for helping babies master the skills they need at each stage of development, and offers guidance on how parents can incorporate these techniques into their daily routines.

Rahoo Bab Pediatric occupational therapists Matt and Erica
Rahoo Bab Pediatric occupational therapists Matt and Erica

Courses, which cost only $49.99 are led by a team of licensed pediatric therapists with experience from the most competitive hospitals and clinics in the Boston area.

As developmental delays become increasingly more common, today’s parents know the importance of learning and overall brain development during a child’s first year of life. Unfortunately, though, 90% of parents still don’t receive support from qualified healthcare professionals who know how to provide the most developmentally rich early learning experiences for infants.

In the course “Mastering Baby Milestones,” parents are taught specific, clinically-validated activities and techniques that help babies master the skills they most often struggle to develop on their own. Topics covered include skills such as crawling, independent sitting, and tummy-time (which 75% of parents report as a stressor at home). Mastering Baby Milestones also contains discussions about the subjects parents don’t learn about until it’s too late, such as how to prevent flat-head syndrome, and why it’s so important that babies learn to move!

“As pediatric therapists, we’ve spent nearly a decade working hands-on with infants, and coaching parents on how to get the most out of their baby’s first months of development,” says Co-founder and CEO Matt Breen. “We’re focused on bringing this information to parents from all walks of life.”

As Americans spend more of their lives online in new ways, the team saw an opportunity to create Rahoo U. “The best part is being able to reach more families without having to leave their homes. Our goal is to make sure that access to early childhood development tools becomes more equitable, and this is just a starting point,” Breen adds.

About Rahoo Baby

Rahoo Baby is on a mission to ensure that all parents have access to the tools and information that spark infant development. Rahoo Baby provides uniquely designed, meaningful baby products that have a lasting impact on early childhood development. Founded in 2018 by pediatric occupational therapists Matthew Breen and Erica Costa along with Physician Thomas Quinn, the group of healthcare professionals came together to play their role in making sure babies can have the best possible start in life.

The award-winning Rahoo Baby Learn & Lounge can be found online at Buy Buy Baby, and launches with Target in March 2021. Rahoo Baby plans to launch their second and third products in the Summer of 2021.

Learn more at or on Instagram at @RahooBaby. We also encourage you to reach out directly to Matt, our CEO at