BOSTON, Mass. /Massachusetts Newswire/ — Smart Hive has announced that it will be offering the premium version of its platform for free, allowing state and local government to team up and defend as one. What Waze does for traffic Smart Hive does for cybersecurity.

Smart Hive - BOSTON
While local governments are busy with COVID-19 response, cyber attacks on their infrastructure have gone up dramatically. Threat actors have realized that resources have been stretched thin during these challenging times. Smart Hive is seeing attacks on local governments as high as 20x compared to before COVID-19.

Everyone is doing their part to help in these challenging times, and Smart Hive wants to contribute by allowing any local or State government or agency to join its HIVE platform for free to start defending against threat actors together. In the HIVE, an attack on one is defense for all.

Join the HIVE for free to defend as one. Local and State governments can signup at

“While you secure our friends and family from COVID-19. Let us work with you and your peers to secure America,” said Sanjay Patel, CEO of Smart Hive.

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The HIVE platform enables members to learn from each other in realtime. An attack on one is a defense for all in the HIVE. In less than 90 seconds, State and local governments can learn about attacks their peers have stopped and apply the appropriate defense before the attack reaches them. Protection against what’s happening now and not what happened yesterday, we call this “The Power of Now.” The entire process is fully automated, and it takes less than 15 minutes to join the HIVE.

Join the HIVE for free to defend as one. Access to Smart Hive’s premium platform will be available for qualified organizations for at least six months or as long as the crisis last.

Local and State governments can signup at

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