EAST WAREHAM, Mass. /Massachusetts Newswire/ — LuciGold™ today announced the development of our newest product line, Hygeia (patent pending*), a custom designed line of furniture with built-in High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filtration Systems.

Peter Luciani, the founder of LuciGold™, chose the name because he felt it to be most suitable for his new product line as Hygeia was the Ancient Greek Goddess of Good Health.

LuciGold Hygiea Desks with HEPA filter

Hygeia is being introduced at a critical time during our healthcare crisis when we are trying to get children back in schools, employees out of their homes and back to the offices, patrons back to social activities, etc. The ongoing isolation that we as a community have been experiencing has had a profound negative impact on our emotional and mental wellbeing.

It is time there was a solution that would allow people to feel safer in environments where they will be gathering in close; proximity to one another and we feel that Hygeia furniture will assist in everyone getting back to the “old normal.”

Hygeia products will be available to the public immediately. All the furniture is custom designed to meet the specifications of the environment where they will be installed.


* HEPA filtration systems remove from the air that passes through it at least 99.95 (EU standard) or 99.97% (ASME, U.S. DOE standards) of particles whose diameter is equal to 0.03 μm; with the filtration efficiency increasing for particle diameter both less than and greater than 0.3μm.

* Fugitive Capture Design pulls exhaled breath through the vents on the top of the desk, restaurant table or bar into a plenum and through the HEPA filtration system reducing airborne transmission of viruses.

* 24/7 filtration with the HEPA filter to the entire room.

About LuciGold Inc.

LuciGold™ located in the heart of Buzzards Bay, Mass., has been family owned and operated since 2004. The owner, Peter J. Luciani, Jr., has been a problem-solver for over 40 years and the sole designer of the entire line of products and continues to develop solutions that address health and safety of the community. “When It Comes to Safety, We Are Committed to Top-of-the-Line Gold Standard.”

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*NOTE: USPTO Patent application 29/760,562

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